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                                                  DON’T LOSE CONTROL

I’m  on this journey to try an Inspire Women or young ladies to love themselves, cause we are beautiful creatures created by God!!!! That have a feeling of being alone an have a daily need to reach out for help. I’m constantly evolving and working on my passions as a mother an wife an also to Inspire. Let me just tell you its not as easy as it may look, it takes little steps to conquer dreams an success in life and to truly make a difference! The main thoughts to keep in mind is to keep sane, strong don’t let others influence your dreams an goals to your success. Don’t listen to those people that have negative attitudes that are content with there life style!.. look around you life is beautiful, surround yourself with happy people that have same goals as you desire.  Even people that possibly already accomplished what you dream off having , because they are who you want to be in the future so.. Don’t give up’ keep on going’ keep thinking big’ an let no one get in your way of your DREAM . I had people in my life that never believed in me an told me that i would not amount to anything in my life. I kept on going I didn’t let that negative effect me. I gave it all i got to prove those people wrong  I sure wasn’t who they thought I was. I am a person that has much potential to exceed in life . Just like all you have it too, that potential to dance with joy. I can say that it wasn’t easy to believe or do, but I kept listening to my inner self that told me that I could not believe that about myself .I thought much more of myself then what they said about me. So when i tell you it takes time an steps an constant reminders ..it sure does. Even music plays a big role in your life so listen to great happy songs to cheer you up. Mine is (100,000 Reasons by Matt Redman) !!! If you listen to music that talks down on women. This will play a big part in your life cause all that negative is playing an in-biding inside your mind believe it or not, an remember we learn not only by listening but by seeing or writing, not exactly great to have that play on repeat. Stay Strong Change everything that can help you get where you want to be an who you want to be as well. GOD IS OUR LIGHT !!! Let him guide you trust him he is always there even if you can’t see him FAITH.’




Every new day is a chance to start again. If you’re unhappy, feeling low, then change something…if you messed up, then get back up and get back on the right path. I know when I’m feeling down it’s usually related to my sleep or diet, so I make changes to try to get it aligned so I’m feeling my best! Life’s not easy, it never turns out the way you planned, but that’s part of what makes Life so exciting! People say, ” you’re so lucky Valerie”… but it was never luck, it was faith and perseverance. At the end of the day I know nothing like my job, or home will define me, that’s materialistic. It’s my character and heart. It is your loved ones who truly matter. So just know, if things aren’t what you’d hope they would be, there’s always tomorrow to start over again. Don’t give up now!

Juggling Business & Family

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Hi my amazing blog followers, Today I ran into a very important question. That many of you have been asking me. How do I juggle being a full time mom and a business partner? Well let me start by saying its not easy but its manageable if you schedule everything in its order. Yes I know it sounds crazy but its very possible. Though It most definitely has changed for me now I spend lots of quality time with my family I travel an take my business where ever I go. When I first started the Real Estate carrier it was hard but I kept motivated an pushed forward with my passion.

‘Travel Enjoy Life’

Catalina Island was a trilling experience for me an my love. I decided to make this little trip into a birthday gift for my beloved boyfriend including a helicopter ride all the way to the amazing Catalina Island. I thought why not get away from the LA city since we basically have always roamed the Hollywood streets to many fancy dinner spots out There. It was time for a change an why not go out on BANG i had the time an money to do something creative an fun for my Awesome boyfriend. He was so stoked about his B-day gift!!!. I had many things planed for him that day, I even set up a that same day to go zip lining, a great Hotel an submarine view bike ride around the island many things where in store for that day. he had no what was coming but I sure did an i was nervous hoping everything would turn as planned. I wanted this to be perfect for him an me.

2016 was a great year !!!

2016′ it was an awesome year. We moved into our new apartment before owning our new home.Its amazing how almost 1 year later we moved to a beautiful area into a 6 bedroom home with an outstanding pool site. We are a power couple team’ that has worked hard on a daily bases to make our dreams happen!!!.